Hello and Welcome.

Agnes & Hoss is a pattern design, illustration, and interiors studio based in Boulder, CO, a sweet little spot nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Agnes & Hoss is me, Stephanie.

I founded Agnes & Hoss in Chicago as an independent studio producing textile and pattern-based personal and home accessories. Agnes & Hoss handbags, pillows, scarves, lighting, and gift collections were sold through hundreds of stores nationwide including Anthropologie and ABC Home. I’m grateful that these pieces struck a chord with so many people, introduced color and pattern into so many lives, and made people smile.

After taking a few years off to focus on family and then moving to Boulder in 2010, I decided to return to doing what I love best – putting hand directly to paper. At the same time I dove into another passion close to my heart – interiors. From my studio at the base of Boulder’s magnificent Chautauqua Park, I see both the natural world and the places we inhabit with a new clarity and focus.

To me, a pattern is like music. It is life in both its frenzy and calm. I get lost in its rhythm and movement. To me, crafting something with one’s hands is one of the purest forms of creativity. I’ve been drawing since I was a small child. Every day the movements I make with hand and ink produce different results depending onwhat is resonating inside of me in that moment. To me, a beautiful interior should be highly personal, evolving, and most importantly, lived in. I strive to find each client’s own unique narrative and evoke that in their space. This technique is not driven by trend or culture, but by personality.

As for the name? Agnes & Hoss were two lowly dogs that are a humorous part of my family history. Their story still makes me laugh after so many years.

I welcome your questions and inquiries.